Thorncliffe, - Oldfield House & Oldfield Manor
The Importance of Activity
Keeping mentally and physically as fit as possible improves the quality of life for our residents. 
Social activities and entertainment events are displayed in the communal areas of the homes. These show the schedule for the forthcoming week.
In our efforts to promote independence for our residents, we have available a file of activities taking place within the local community, for residents, relatives and friends to view.  Any of our residents may take advantage of this information and would be assisted to arrange booking and transport by a member of staff should they need this assistance.   We gladly accept and act upon the suggestions of residents, relatives and visitors.
Regular activities include:
Classical movies
Daily reminiscence newspaper & discussion sessions
Bingo, Dominoes, Craft sessions
Visiting singers/performers*
Clothing parties 
Regular outings (weather permitting!)
Super Stars armchair exercise programme
Gardening  (weather permitting)
Visiting library
Cheese and wine evenings
*Live entertainment is held regularly at our three homes,  and any relatives or friends are invited to join us.   Refreshments including wine, sherry and nibbles, are served. 
Our staff are enthusiastic about our activities programme and develop it with input from our residents. A resident preferences file is kept to meet all residents preferences, likes and dislikes. 
A excellent way to identify if we are understanding the needs, preferences and any suggestions from our residents is at our residents meetings which are held quarterly.  Our Quality Assurance audit which includes questions regarding activities ensures we are meeting the preferences of our clients.  As a smaller home we can often discuss these preferences on a one to one basis.  
We also acknowledge that some residents prefer solitude, privacy, quiet and calmness and these wishes are always respected and acted upon by our staff. There is a visiting library to our homes which gives the residents the opportunity to make their own choices as to their reading material. We also have a small library of our own which the residents are free to use.
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