Thorncliffe, - Oldfield House & Oldfield Manor
We offer all types of services to try to help you.
  • Long term care
  • Short term admissions whilst care at home is temporarily unavailable or insufficient.
  • Respite Care, for carers to be able to take a break.
  • Post operative recovery care.
  • Recuperation care.
  • End of life care for those with non-treatable illnesses.
If you are uncertain as to whether we offer the service you need, please call us and we can try to help.
Emergency admissions
Most admissions are pre-planned, although we can accept emergency admissions under certain circumstances.  If you feel you need an emergency admission, please contact the home directly and speak with the person in charge, who will be able to help you. 
Planned Admissions
We want you to be happy whilst staying with us, and being well prepared helps when making the transition from your own home/hospital to us.  To help this, we can offer a number of suggestions:
On receiving any enquiries a brochure can be sent out in the post. 
Alternatively, please call in at any time and see for yourself how warm and welcoming our homes are.  You don't need to make an appointment, just call in.  However, if you wish to speak with the manager during your visit you may have to make an appointment, as managers work on a shift rota alongside their staff team and may not be on duty at the time of your visit.
If you think you would like to know more, a member of our management team will be more than happy to visit personally to discuss our services, at no obligation what-so-ever.
If you or your relative wishes to continue the admission then one of our qualified staff will visit the prospective resident and their relatives to ensure the home can meet all the residents needs. 
This gives you the opportunity to meet members of the management team before admission and allay any concerns you may have.  It also means there is a familiar face when you come to stay with us.
All residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms by bring their own items to the home for their personal use and to place in their rooms.  This often helps make surroundings feel more familiar and comfortable.  Most residents bring photographs and pictures, some bring their favourite armchair and nest of tables.  Occasionally, residents even bring their own bed and bedroom furniture!
We can offer a trial stay of one night or more if preferred to experience the genuinely caring atmosphere at our homes.
All prospective residents are encouraged to visit us at:
Thorncliffe Residential Home,
Oldfield House Residential Care Home &
Oldfield Manor Residential Care Home.
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