Thorncliffe, - Oldfield House & Oldfield Manor
Don't worry about what category of care you might need.  Most older people will have a social worker who can assess this, plus, a representative from the care home will visit you and assess your requirements.  In this way you will know which type of care home you need to consider.
Residential Care:    Most of our residents meet this type of care category.  This means that social workers and the representative from the care home have assessed your needs as being able to be met by care staff.  These needs usually include assistance with washing and dressing, possibly some assistance with eating, and you may have some restricted mobility or no mobility at all.  People who meet this category may still have visits from district nurses. All the homes are fully supported by the excellent local district nursing team.
Dementia Care: Each of our homes can care for people with mild to moderate dementia.  
End of Life Care:  We support people, both residents and relatives. through this very difficult time.  We know how helpless you may feel when faced with this, and aim to help you through it one day at a time.  Our staff can manage most aspects of the special care needed and we work with Macmillan Nurses and other staff from the Multi-disciplinary team, such as district nurses and GP's, to provide a safe and comfortable environment. 
Short term care:  If you can't manange at home for a while, perhaps after a fall, or need some time to build yourself up before going back home, we offer a fully supportive environment to help you reach optimum health to go back into your own home.  If for some reason this short term admission needs to be extended, we can accomodate this too.
Respite Care:  Usually for a weekend, a week or a fortnight, while the people who normally assist you at home have a break or holiday.   Many people come back time and time again as they enjoy the change of scenery and the opportunity to chat to new people as much as their carers enjoy their holiday.  We accept the vouchers from the respite scheme.
Post operative recovery Care:  If you've been in hospital and don't yet feel able to manage at home, come and stay with us for a while until you feel ready to move back.  We can do as much or as little for you as you choose, promoting your independence and return home at your own speed.
Recuperation Care:  After a hospital stay or a long illness, you may feel you need some support whilst you regain your health to a level where you can manage in your own home again.  A stay with us will give you that opportunity with no pressure to do the housework or the laundry, or to make meals.  Once you feel strong enough to return home, we will help you to make all the arrangements you need for a smooth transition.

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