Thorncliffe, - Oldfield House & Oldfield Manor
  Thorncliffe Residential Care Home
Astley Bank
Tel: 01254 703122
 Operations & Care Manager - Stacey Astin
Oldfield House Residential Home
15 Hawkshaw Avenue, Darwen, Blackburn, BB3 1QZ
Tel: 01254 702920
Care Manager: Jenna Pawson
Oldfield Manor Residential Home
14 Hawkshaw Avenue, Darwen,Blackburn, BB3 1QZ
Tel: 01254 705650
Care Manager: Beverley Eastham
We are totally focused on providing a consistently high-quality service and client satisfaction in all our  Care Homes - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
We offer all types of care & supported living.
                                 *  Residential Care
                                 *  Respite Care
                                 *  Short Stay Residential Care
                                 *  Post Operative Recovery Care
                                 *  Recuperation Care
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